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Virtual World Entertainment Acquired by Nick Smith

On December 16, 2005, Virtual World Entertainment, maker of the critically acclaimed Tesla II Battletech: Firestorm attraction, was acquired by MechJock.Com founder and entertainment industry insider, Nickolas 'PropWash' Smith. Through the transaction, Smith acquired 100% of the membership interests from the three predecessor owners, James Garbarini, Ted Keenan and Bill Ettelson.

Nick had this to say about the transaction:

"Virtual World has been a staple in the BattleTech franchise for over 15 years thanks to the pool of talented and creative minds behind it, but also in large part because of its devoted fans.

"I look forward to doing great things with the company for both the Tesla II operators as well as the BattleTech community as a whole."

In regards to the future operation of Virtual World Entertainment, he added:

"The Tesla II system has proven itself to be a valuable centerpiece attraction in the location-based entertainment industry in venues around the world.

"VWE will continue to enhance and maximize the value of the Tesla II System for its owners and operators through system updates. We also intend to put together some creative promotional techniques and community development initiatives."

James Garbarini, former president of Virtual World, had this to say about the transition:

"Virtual World in its new chapter was ready for a new owner, and Nick will serve the community well. He is passionate about the product and is fully invested in its success. I feel fortunate that an individual with stature of Propwash was interested in taking on the torchbearer mantle."

In connection with the acquisition, Nick has relocated the principal offices of Virtual World from Chicago to Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company's new contact information is as follows:

Virtual World Entertainment, LLC
5671 N Westnedge
Kalamazoo MI 49004

Parts and support requests should be directed to the telephone number above.

You can look forward to more exciting news from Virtual World Entertainment in the near future!

Visit for the latest news regarding the VWE Tesla II system and Battletech: Firestorm.

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